I have very few friends in this world.  They have all come and gone like waves in the ocean.  But a few have stuck around, through everything they are still here for me and with me.  One in particular I was not sure we would stay friends.  We went to Army training together, though we didn’t arrive together we certainly found each other.  We started out as roommates (along with two other females, whom we both still talk to), then we found that we had a lot in common and decided to band together to endure the eight weeks we were going to be there.

It was a lot of fun, we went to movies together, attempted to highlight each others hair ( I am pretty sure she ended up on top of that one).  We sat there and listened to each others fears, excitements and longings in life.  Then came time to graduate.  She lives in the Mid West and I live in the Northwest, there are at least two states between us.

Here it is five years later and we still talk.  Not as much as before but that is because we have both grown.  We both have families and kids to take care of.  She works and I am a stay at home mom.  But when ever we need an ear, or an opinion or anything we don’t hesitate to answer the call.  So I have very few friends, and they have all come and gone but I am certain that this one will stay.  Hey if it wasn’t for her support I probably wouldn’t have started this blog.  So thank you.


6 Replies to “Friends”

      1. That can be a fun or daunting task, depending on how the children behaved for me. But in general I love doing laundry. I used to love hanging the little clothes on the line outside.


      2. I find doing laundry relaxing. You can get lost in your own little world or you can run the days events through your mind. My washer went out months back so i spend four hours at the laundry mat doing clothes. Having adult interaction is a nice bonus as well.


  1. To me that is what a true friend is. Someone who remains the same no matter how. Much time and space cones between you physically. My childhood “best friend” is that way. We can go for weeks, months, or years without being together; yet when we meet again, it is never awkward or uncomfortable. We “fit”. Like pieces in a puzzle. Life’s puzzle. Friendship is wonderful in that way. Stay optomistic. It is a lifeline.


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