A Cold Fall Sunday

OK so I wrote this about two years ago but I really like it

I wake early in the morning with the sun peaking through my window.  As I get ready for my day I enjoy the chirping of the birds outside
It doesn’t take long for the cold to chill my fingers and nose when I step outside
On my way to work the sun is slowly beginning to rise, shinning its rays on closed shops and dark houses
When I arrive the cold is quickly melted away from my body as I work quickly to get things done
I step outside to take a break and my breath is taken away
The sun has finally risen to its peak
Warming the roads so the frost melts, shining on stores that are beginning to open as people awake from their beds to start their day
As I walk inside I think to myself “wow, maybe the world can be peaceful for once on a cold fall Sunday.”


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