A Moment to Spare

She walked into the kitchen. Not really knowing what she wanted, or even if she wanted anything at all.  Glancing around she noticed that the dishes needed to be done and it was dinner time.  Maybe she came in here to start supper?  Her memory has not been the same since having the baby.

Deciding that is why she went into the kitchen, she set to work figuring out what to make.  After choosing something simple, pasta with corn mixed in and a side of potatoes, she got busy. She placed a pot of water with a little oil in it, to make sure the noodles didn’t stick to each other, on the stove.  While she waited for it to boil she started to load the dishwasher.

By the time it was loaded the water was boiling, so she added to noodles.  Then it was time to make the sauce. Which was her own little recipe.  One jar of pasta sauce, one can of tomato soup with a little garlic and a couple of seasonings she always depended on.  Lastly, she would add the corn, put it on low and let it warm up.  Once that was going she had a moment to relax.

That is when the day dream would begin, like it always did when she had a moment to spare.  Although, each time the dream would varied a little bit.  This time, it was simple.  She dreamed of standing at a stove, in a place of their own.  Her daughter sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework.

Her baby boy in the middle of the kitchen floor playing with his toys and goobering on them.  Saying mamma over and over again just so she would turn around, then he would smile at her and laugh.  She smiles at him and then turns back to the stove.

The sauce is done so she moves that to a different burner.  And just as the noodles are getting done her husband comes home.  He walks through the door, the bark of the dog announcing his arrival.  As he makes his way to the kitchen she is taking the pot and pouring the contents into a strainer.

He wraps his arms around her as she is making sure the noodles didn’t stick together.  She thinks to herself how happy she is.  That is when she is pulled out of her day dream because her youngest step daughter come into the kitchen looking for a glass of water.  Coming back to reality she strains the noodles, adds the sauce then sets it aside to cool off.  Next she makes the potatoes. With dinner being ready she sends her daughter upstairs to let everyone know it is time to eat.

Getting her plate together she keeps that day dream in the front of her mind.  Adding it to the rest, that way she can revisit them anytime she has a moment to spare.


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