Love and Adoration

As I sit at my computer contemplating what my first blog entry should be I can hear the soft sound of my sons Slumber Buddy going, as to attempt to get my son to fall asleep, and I realize I should write about him. Or more my love and adoration for such a small little person. Whom can’t walk yet. The joy in his face when he sees me in the morning is overwhelming. I could say that is reminds me of warm summer nights and sunsets blah blah blah but really each morning it warms my heart. Each morning it is different. It is a new day to do and learn something.

He has a wonderful aura about him. Sure he can be cranky at times but he is always curious about things around him, as I’m sure most babies are. But with him it feels different. From the time he could hold his head up he didn’t want to face me in the harness and he certainly didn’t want to face someone’s shoulder when being held. He always had to be pointed outward so he could see everything around him. Lord help me when he actually learns how to walk, then I will defiantly be on an adventure then.

My love for him is endless. I waited to have him for years (though being 24 I guess that it isn’t that long) but a lot of girls in my class had kids really early in life and I had other things to go through before I knew I was ready. But when the time finally came I was so happy. Words could not describe how happy I was, until the day he was born. After 6 grueling days of labor and I finally got to hold my little one. He was mine (and my husbands of course), I had produced this. Nine months of nurturing him and protecting him was over and I could finally have him. My husband and I had this joke that he was my little baby doll, and once I had all the accessories I just needed that doll. Well I got him, and I would not trade him for the world.

So as I sit here listening to him fall asleep (hopefully that is what the lack of sound is), I can’t help but just feel in awe of the fact that I have a kid. A joyous, bouncy little boy… who has learned to say momma at just 6 months.


3 Replies to “Love and Adoration”

  1. Oh my goodness. To read your description is like revisiting my own past. You describe so well the sentiments I felt when my first son was born, i have a suggestion, if you do not do it already. Make a daily or even weekly journal for him. I started one for my son when he was born and filled three notebooks. I am sad to say I did not do it for all for of my sons due to the stresses of life and motherhood, although I did make notes for them. I held onto the notebooks for years, often feeling they were trivial somehow. He is now 33 and a few years ago hit a very rough patch and fell into depression. I had given him the journals shortly before. He took them out; and as he read about my honest feelings for him at the age of 21 he suddenly connected with his Mom in a new level. He was 25 at the time. He came to understand himself more completely. My fondest memory of a feeling is that moment when one of my children wrapped their arms about me in that embrace that is completely trusting, submissive and devoted. Enjoy this time. The years, they fly…..


    1. I do keep a journal. I actually started it when I was pregnant with him. I had only planned to do it till he was 1 but now you have inspired me to do it for as long as I can. Thank you for following me.


      1. It is an honor. After I wrote to you I sent a text to my son telling him how his arms around my waist was one of my favorite memories. He loved it. Once a Mom, always a Mom…..


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