Miss Thai

Our washing machine has been out of commission for about six months.  So I’ve been going to the Laundromat every Sunday.  I’ll have my daughter help me gather all the dirty laundry and load it into my jeep.  Then I would go to my favorite Laundromat.

My mom took me to the same one when I was younger, and I always remembered it.  Naturally, that is where I go.  Going on Sunday is kind of my get away.  I leave the baby at home with my husband.  At first I left both kids at home, but one day my daughter wanted to come with and has been going ever since.  She is pretty good at staying occupied.

The lady who owns the shop loves it when we come in.  She is so nice and will go the extra mil to help you.  My daughter loves her as well, every time we go in they are always sharing food.  Miss Thai (that is what we will call her), is so funny, even though she has a very strong accent.  When we miss a week of come in a day later she always has us laughing because she is dramatically funny about why we didn’t come in, like her life couldn’t go on.

This particular Sunday Miss Thai truly showed me how big of a heart she has.  See, during the winter my husband has low hours.  Well, without going into a lot of detail, I did laundry at my parents last week due to low funds.  When I told Miss Thai why we were not there last Sunday she got serious with me.  As serious as she can since she always has a laugh and a smile for anyone who walks through the door.

Anyway, she looked me straight in the face and told me that no matter what I can always come and do laundry.  That she knows I will pay her the next week, and I’m too nice to do her wrong.  Fact is, she is right.  Miss Thai does a lot for me, she also trusts me enough to start my own washers.

Her faith in me astounds me.  It also gives me joy because there are still generous people in the world.  Her statement lifted a little weight off my shoulders.  Even though I hope I never have to take her on her offer, at least I know the option is there. So to all the Miss Thai’s out there, thank you.


2 Replies to “Miss Thai”

  1. And I am sure Miss Thai would appreciate your acknowledgement. Yes, there are still generous people out there.And they are so often the ones with seemingly less to share. Give you their last dime, they would. 🙂


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