My First Pet

If there is one thing I am proud of myself for, it is my cat.  More for the fact that I have kept her alive this long.  A friend had given her to me when I got my first apartment.  I wasn’t allowed to have pets but I would hide her whenever I needed something fixed or there was a inspection. 

She was my pride and joy, until I had my baby that is.  I always made sure she was taken care of.  If I didn’t have enough money to get her food then I would bake some chicken, scramble eggs, and put cheese on top.  That combination would feed her for a couple days.  Keeping frozen chicken, eggs and cheese on hand was easy with a limited budget. 

Though, once when I was in a rush to get to class I forgot to feed her, I had her food on hand.  Well, when I got home I found her sleeping in her food container.  She had knocked the lid off and helped herself.  It was super cute. 

It’s one of the many stories I have about her.  She has gone through a lot with me.  Three apartments, foster cats, and a couple of dogs later and she is still with me.  Along with two litters of kittens and now a new baby.  It’s me and her against the world. 


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