Working Out

Sweating, motivational shouts and the feeling like you can’t breathe.  Now those are signs of a great workout.  It means that you pushed yourself as close to your limit, or to your limit.  After the work out you feel great, like you could take on the world.  That is how I felt this afternoon when I finished my work out.  See, I totally suck at self-motivation, it is something I have been really working on improving over the years.  So I go to a class where there are other moms like me trying to lose weight.

It is a really fun class. Everybody is motivating and pushing each other.  While all the kids play together.  If one mom has to go to the bathroom we all look after her child.  I try to make sure I go week after week.  The class is held three days a week for an hour.

Today in particular was amazing.  We had six different stations we had to go to.  There were three people in my group, plus the instructor who would help us out if we needed.  Well at our first station we had to do pull ups.  There is a rubber band that we can use to help if we are not good at it.  The size of the belt depends on how heavy you are, needless to say I need a thick belt.  The instructor helped me into mine, I took a deep breath and went to work.  To my surprise I got my chin over the bar.

I was so excited when I did it again and again.  We had to do ten reps so when I was done I got down and did the rest of the station.  All the while shocked that I was able to do the pull up properly.  When I had to do them again I was kind of skeptical on whether I would be able to pull it off again, but I did.  I was so motivated by the fact that I could do it that when we moved onto the next station I was feeling pretty good.  Sore as well because we had to bear crawl across the gym and walk back to do more pull ups but I was rearing and ready to go.

This station required us to do fifteen medicine ball squats then use gliders to go across the gym and walk back.  I was not so sure about the squats, after having my baby I have a little pee problem (like I am sure moms do) and I forgot to wear something to help me.  Anyway, it wasn’t so bad, I didn’t have an issue thankfully.  But when it came time to glide across the floor I was kind of hesitant.  What if I did it wrong and fell on my face?  What if I went to fast and hurt my wrist?  Then I remembered how well I did the pull ups and I told myself to go nice and slow.  Easy does it.  Slowly but surely I got across the gym.  As I was walking back I realized that even though I went slowly I still got the benefit, even if it wasn’t the right one. Why? Because my arms hurt from holding my weight and pushing myself across the floor.

We had a couple more stations after that but the first two are what really had me thinking.  I could motivate myself and keep myself up. I just have to find something that means a lot to me and work toward it.  In the case of working out, I want to first get back to the weight I was when I got pregnant with Monster.  Then after that I want to work towards getting to a healthy weight.  So now that I have found my motivation, I need to set goals so I can reach it.  If I make the goals reasonable and not expect a ton out of myself then I will achieve it because I am motivated to get to an achievable goal.  Just have to stay realistic and make sure it is something I can do and not what I think other people think I should do.


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