My Dream Come True

I married my brothers high school buddy.  I thought he was cute when I was ten and decided I loved him when I was sixteen.  Here I am at age twenty four and married to him. I had no idea this was going happen. At the time we got together I was working in a restaurant (what I thought was my dream job), had a roommate and a cat. Life was going relatively good.  I went out with friends after work and had an occasional date.

But then I bought a new bed and needed help moving it.  None of my regular go to people wanted to help.  I can’t even remember how he ended up helping me.  But in the down pouring rain he came with his two daughters and his truck.  It was almost like a dream come true.  We got the queen size bed into my top floor apartment.  After we got it situated I let his girls run around my house. Literally run.  I had a door connecting my room to the bathroom, I opened it and hence them running around my house.

After that we started dating.  About a month later we made it official.  Six months after that ( well more like six months and two weeks… But whose counting) we got married in front of family and friends in my parents backyard.  Even though it was summer time it was still nice.

Two years later (give or take a few months) we are still married and doing awesome.  I got pregnant a month after we got married, nine months later we brought a handsome little boy into the world.

I couldn’t ask for more (well actually I could but that’s for another time).  My family is healthy, my pets are healthy.  But also I have two daughters whom I’ve known since they were babies.  And a husband that loves and adores me (in his own weird way).  Dreams do come true.  Even dreams I didn’t think would EVER come true.

So keep your heads and keep looking forward cause one day it’ll happen for you.


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