Who knew you could have a GREAT day with 3 kids at a Four Wheeling Swap Meet?!?!??!

My husband and I like to go Four Wheeling.  We can’t do it right now because, well, we sold his truck.  Mostly because the family is getting bigger and also cause it was taking up space and we never really get to go so we figured someone else could use it.  But we still go to the Four Wheeling swap meet cause we have two jeeps.  Both the same model, different years and also mine is two wheel drive where as his is four wheel drive.  So we go to these things to look for parts and just be out of the house.  Well now that we have three kids is can be a little tricky.  Even trickier when the weather is not nice, which is wasn’t today until about noonish (yes I am aware that is not a real word), but at that point we where done looking outside and had moved inside.

Anyway, we walked around for about five hours.  Yeah I know OUCH, thankfully my youngest can’t walk so he stays in the stroller.  Both my husband and I have bad knees but we did pretty well until about the end, which tells us it is the end for us :).  It was all worth it though.  Me and my daughters got new shirts at this vendor I like, it is one of the only reasons I will pack up the kids and go to this thing with my husband. Keep in mind our sole purpose of going was to get new tires for my Jeepster (yes that is what I call my Jeep, my first cars name was Faith, but that is a story for another day).  And maybe a rack for both of Jeeps.

Well I was cruising in front of my husband, trying to stay out of peoples way with my huge stroller. My oldest daughter and I stopped at the end of the aisle where this guy was selling tires. I saw a stack of five that looked to be in pretty good shape, and wouldn’t you know they were for $150.  I was not sure what type of vehicle they were for because I didn’t think to look under the paper.  They looked like they might fit my jeep, my current tires were slightly to big.  When my husband finally caught up I pointed to them.  Yup they were for my jeep, so I told him to ask the guy if we could get them for $100.  Once my husband finished looking them over and deciding they were good enough we asked, and it must be our lucky day cause the guy said yes without hesitation.  He even said when we were done his son would take them to our vehicle.  Way to go me.

I felt extremely proud of myself that I found them and I made a deal.  I don’t normally get little wins like this.  But I took it.  That put me in a good mood for the rest of the afternoon, didn’t matter that I felt like my feet where going to fall off from over use. I found something for my jeep. Later when we got home I helped put them on, I did 2 tires all by myself.  Yes I am one of those women who do not mind getting dirty.  The kids behaved themselves and stayed next to us in a crowd like they were trained.  When we got lunch it felt great to sit down.  And who knew a pizza place could make good salad (I was SO not in the mood for greasy pizza, especially since I don’t have  a gall bladder anymore).

Overall it was a good experience. I was nervous cause at this meet we both like to look around, so i wasn’t sure how we were going to manage, but we did.  Next year it will be even more interesting because Monster (my son) should be walking by then so he might not sit in the stroller so nicely.

Who knew you could have a great day with 3 kids at a Four Wheeling Swap Meet.


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