Writing Inspirations

For as long as I  can remember I have loved reading books.  One of the first books I can recall reading over and over again is Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  Absolutely love it, and even now with my own child I love reading it.  I always have read books that take me out of this world.  Books that you know can’t be true.  Books and about Vampires in Tulsa, Oklahoma or Demons running an underground Hospital under New York City.  They take me away from reality, let me escape to a different realm, even if just for awhile.  Because that is way most of read anyway right? To get away, to escape without going anywhere?

Naturally for me, reading lead to writing. I sort of remember my first composition.  It was a short piece about a girl who saw her best friend get shot in the woods by what looked like thugs but turned out to be demons.  And he turned out to be a slayer (someone who hunts and kills demons).  I didn’t really share it with anyone.  But I did share my poems with anyone who would listen or read them.  Though I didn’t read a lot of poetry I sure did right my fair share.  Middle school and High School experiences gave me a lot of ammo.  Other then writing in my journal, poetry was a way for me to express myself. When I was done I always felt better.

Though when I do actually write  short stories I don’t have a favorite genre. I do mostly fiction, non fiction, and creative writing. I don’t do as much poetry as I used to, but I find other ways to express myself. Cause so much inspires me now that I am older.  Watching children play reminds me that life used to be innocent.  Or the smell of the morning will bring back a memory of walking to school for an early class.  My favorite is peaking outside and seeing my husband play with the kids, it makes me feel great and reminds me that our life it perfect for us and that there is so much more in store for us that we can’t fathom.  I mostly write for myself, I used to have dreams of being published, but I find it just as nice to have someone tell me they like my work then anything else.

I write for many reasons, to get away, to express something that would otherwise sound weird if voiced. I write to tell a story that would go untold but is to beautiful to keep to myself. It all keeps me writing, cause there are endless things to write about.  My challenge is figuring out where to start and finding the perfect hook for my readers. I am a little out of practice but I am getting there slowly.  Been so busy with life that I forgot that writing is my escape.


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