Cutting Vegetables

Man not again, I did them the last hundred times.  Why do I have to do them?  I am beginning to hate vegetables.  This was the normal mantra every time mom would bring home produce and tell me to cut it and what not.  Every time they held a dinner party, I was in the kitchen doing them.  Of course, like any mother-daughter relationship in the kitchen she was always looking over my shoulder.  So I was a very self-conscious cook (still am in a way).  At the time I hated it, would always try and be busy or avoid the kitchen.  But she would get me every time.  Carrots where not to bad, I liked peeling them.  Bell Peppers could be a little tricky.  Cucumbers where the hardest cause I could never cut them at just the right width. Occasionally there would be others, but not very often.

At the time and for many years after I did not like cutting the vegetables.  Even for a couples years after moving out I rarely had raw veggies in the apartment, they were mostly already prepped.  But now that I am a mom I find it relaxing to do them. I get to use all my little kitchen gadgets to do them as well.

I am not sure if it truly is because of motherhood, or I am using my gadgets, or if it is just because I am doing them on my time and not when I am told to but I like it now.  And while I was doing the weekly veggies last weekend I found myself thinking about all those times in the kitchen. I would fight to the teeth about doing it for awhile, but eventually I just kept silent about it.  I would like to think that I got better and quicker about doing them but that is just me.

I would like to tell you that you should never take things for granted, or that we should teach our children the values of cutting vegetables.  Or that by my mother making do them that I learned something more then just how to prepare produce, but really I got nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I guess the moral of this story is that things change as we get older.  We look at little things much differently.  So my advice would be to try and live each day. We all know that are children won’t listen, they will give you the blank stare and say “yeah mom (or dad) I get it, now can I go?” Then think as they walk away that we don’t understand.  But we do, but not until we are much older.  So let’s give our kids a little break, instead of doing all the veggies how about just a few? 🙂



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