Guilty or Fat Week

I have been trying to lose weight. And even though I am still making adjustments to my “Plan” I am also still trying to be good. But last week was horrible. I am not even sure what sparked it but I was eating unhealthy. In four days I went through three bags of dark chocolate covered acai berries, saltines crackers and candy. Among that was also pizza and cookies. I had been doing awesome for so long. Watching my portion sizes and not eating chips or much else in the way of junk food.  So I am not sure what came over me. And I will tell you what, my stomach did not like it one bit. I was bloated and my gas was so bad it hurt my stomach.  Needless to say I cut it way back and went to my “new” old ways. By watching my portion sizes, not eating a lot of junk food AND not going to fast food places to get quick meals.

When I sat down to really think about the causes I had nothing.  Sure Mother Nature was on her monthly visit, but that didn’t excuse my slip up.  Well I went to pick Monster up from the gym nursery when I was talking to the ladies about how I am not sure if I feel guilty about it.  That is when one of the ladies said not to feel bad, that we are all entitled to a “fat week” where we can let lose a little. So even though I feel I went a little over board with it, I am sure I don’t feel guilty. And I am back to my “healthy” ways. In fact today when I went to lunch with a long time friend I had a salad and my appetizer was spinach artichoke dip. But next time I go on a “fat week” I will be more controlled in what I eat cause that gas was no fun for anyone in my house, though without a gall bladder I am lucky I didn’t spend it on the toilet.


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