Untypical Tuesday

It is on a rare occasion that I get a full hour to myself at night before I go to bed.  But today my husband and both kids where in bed by nine. I was no where near ready to go to bed, both physically and task wise. I still had to finish my squat challenge for the day AND make the husbands lunch and baby bottles for the night. As well as straighten up the house cause I stepped on one to many hotwheels.  Sounding daunting isn’t it? Truth of it is… I love it. Though I am fighting to keep my eyes open now I can gladly say I have almost everything on my to do list done today.

Today was not a typical day for me.  It’s Tuesday, so that would mean phone calls, paperwork and a little reading (I save cleaning the house for Wednesdays and Fridays). Then after my oldest gets out of school it is off to the local YMCA for swim lessons.  This session they are an hour and a half apart so I normally drop Monster off at the nursery and I get some much needed reading time in (though I am going to try and work out during that time instead). After swim classes it is homeward bound for a quick dinner and shower then the oldest goes to bed. Usually Monster is asleep in the Jeepster so I carry him upstairs to his bed and that is the last I hear from him (until eleven o’clock at night that is).  Then the husband and I relax, he plays on the computer a little and I read a book, sometimes do a little sewing. Once ten comes around I make his lunch and the bottles, once that is done it is off to bed. Usually I would have the television on as background noise so I can sleep but lately I have been keeping it off and relaxing in the dark quiet, plus the husband sleeps better with it off. A typical Tuesday, has been like that since school started in September.

Today was different. I left Monster at home with his dad. Husband usually works all week but I will get to that. I took the oldest to school then headed to Firestone to get a tire repaired, forty five minutes later and I am told they can’t fix it so they take my spare off the roof and rotate all the tires. Score cause now it can come off AND the total ended up being cheaper. Then it was off to the DMV to get the other Jeeps tabs. Praying the entire way there that it won’t need emissions cause that will open a whole new can of worms. I get there and find it doesn’t need it. Thank you JESUS! So then I head home. Boring from there. Can’t do my computer work cause husband is on the laptop and can’t file papers cause Monster is napping and lately he has been a lite sleeper. So I sit on the couch and read a book. No big deal. Hour or two late husband and I get in a little tiff, no big deal we do that when one or both of us are grouchy for one reason or another.

Why is hubby home on a Tuesday? Why are we grouchy? Oh the husband has an appointment late in the afternoon (thats what I get for letting him make the appointment). He couldn’t eat after midnight and was on a clear liquids diet till one thirty. So you do the math. Yes you got it, he is the source of the grouch this time. It is well after noon and he hasn’t eaten anything in over twelve hours so he is hungry and I foolishly fell into his trap. But oh well, he will get to eat soon enough. Why can’t he eat? He was having a scope put down his throat to get a good look at things inside. For the last year or so he has been having chest pains, his throat closes for no reason and it is always interesting to see if he can keep a meal down. Not to mention the acid reflex. Nothing sparks it in particular and the doctors can’t figure it out. Seriously irritating. But what can we do.

After the procedure the Doc tells me that everything looked fine to him, but he took a biopsy of the throat lining (can not spell the right word right now) and is sending it to the lab. We will get the results in a week or so. Then we are to follow up with the primary Doctor. So awesome, we get to deal with it for another while longer. After that I finally got him some food. He ate 3 burgers, medium fry and an ice cream cone tonight. Plus a little soda but for once I drank more soda then him.

So my Tuesday got flipped. It wasn’t all bad and I am certainly not getting used to it. But as I sit here and ponder of the days events I realize that this is my life. The life that I have always wanted (minus a couple things that are getting fixed (home issues) this year). Sure today had it’s ups and downs but I got my tires rotated, tabs for the jeep cause I had been putting it off, husband finally got an issue looked at that I have been nagging him to take care of and most importantly, I got to enjoy the little things. It is nice to do a few errands without the Monster and sure having the husband home in the middle of the week throws me off but it is just for one day. Tomorrow things will go back to normal, except I won’t be going to Stroller Fitness cause I am not ready to run that much yet, so I will do something at home instead.

And as I finally lay down to sleep I can further reflect on the day and fall asleep knowing I am tired because of a unplanned fulfilled day, and look forward to my adventures tomorrow.


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