Discovered something new

I have been on a journey to figure out who I am outside being a wife and mother. Beside the normal stuff like favorites and dislikes, that stuff has not changed much.  It is the deeper stuff. I used to be the type to go to a bar or club after working 16 hours. Then get up in the morning and do it all again. Once a month my boss would make me work all week, then I would have drill, then make me work another 5 days just so I could have the weekend off. Where his logic in that was, well it was lost on me. I did not enjoy working almost two weeks straight.

But now I am a mom and a wife, all of which happen within months of each other. So naturally along the way I forgot who I was. Partly because I went from a party scene to a domestic scene, then I got pregnant. So there was not transition period. It was just like BAM here ya go.

Though recently, I have discovered something new about myself. I like to work out.

My mom asked me about a month ago what I wanted for Christmas. In our family we do present lists and we update them about once a year. So knowing I was trying to discover myself again she asked early. After thinking about it for awhile I discovered I wanted work out equipment. That way if I couldn’t make it to the gym then I could do  work out at home. That led to my discovery.

I never used to like working out, in fact I avoided it at all costs. But now it is my get away. I can lose myself in it. And the fact that I am trying to lose weight so I can look and FEEL sexy again is a plus.

And lately I have found that my old hatred for yard work (no joke I used to HATE it) is now gone. About two weekend ago I weeded our fence and made it look pretty and just Saturday I planted more strawberries. What spiked the fire the first time was that I was tired of the weeds hitting me in the face when I walked by and I wanted my strawberries to look pretty. I still have bigger plans for the yard and I am far from done with it. But that is for a different post (if I ever get to it)

So that is two discoveries:

1. I love to work out

2. Yard work is fun and I enjoy it.


It isn’t much but to me it is a lot.


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