Continuing Adoration

My son continues to amaze me. He is now crawling around and trying to walk. Always pulling himself up on stuff, and recently he has been a little gutsy so he lets go and stands by himself for a couple seconds. Literally a couple seconds.He is also doing a lot more. He says mamma when he really wants something. And when he is feeling frisky he growls. Yes I said growl. He truly is our little monster now. He shows me everyday that he is growing.

Everyone says to hold onto it while I can. And I do, oh boy do I. I know that in no time he is going to be walking around, talking and doing all sorts of things.  Frankly I can’t wait for it all. Bring it on Monster.

He never ceases to amaze me. I am consistently watching him, thinking about how much he has grown and how far he has come in such a short time. It scares me sometimes to think that he is only 10 months old. Can’t time just slow down a little bit? No? Alright I will accept that, and enjoy him while I can.


Below is a link to a previous post that this one stemmed from.


2 Replies to “Continuing Adoration”

    1. They really do, I feel like the last 10 months has gone by way to fast. I am ready for things to slow down. But I guess they say if you like something then time seems to speed up. Maybe thats why I never felt we were at school long enough lol

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