What Happened to Traditions?

I must have some sort of fantasy, which would make my husband  unfortunately right. But I am stuck on tradition. Though when I look around I see more and more of  it slipping away. What ever happen to a boy courting a girl then asking her father permission to date her? Of better yet what happened to asking the father for her hand in marriage. You don’t have to bring him a goat or cattle or anything, just a simple question.

There is also the tradition or everyone getting together for holidays, having fun and celebrating. I don’t see much of that these days. Not even in my own family, the big part of it.  My immediate family sure. As for the rest, well, it is like we have to force ourselves to get together and enjoy ourselves. Then once presents are handed out everyone has to leave, like within ten minutes. I remember as a kid people used to stay for hours just talking and having fun. I used to be put to bed before the last family member left.

Sadly it is not just holidays and relationships that are being sacrificed. It is everything else. So my question to you is… what old traditions do you not see in action these days. And how do you feel about that?

Frankly I am upset about it. I like when everyone can get along and be thankful for the small stuff.

Now as I remember and realize old traditions I will be adding to the list. But please leave a comment on your look on it all.


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