It has been awhile

This is going to be pretty short, seeing how it is well after midnight and my goal is to get up and hour after my husband goes to work, which is in four hours. SO it will be short.

I realize it has been awhile since I have posted much, not sure if anyone has missed me. But as an update here life has been:

My son now has ONE tooth coming up, not there all the way but on its way

He has also started walking, we are still in the holding onto stuff stage

My oldest is about to end the 5th grade

My middle just turned ten, big step cause now she is in the double digits.

And I almost witnessed duh hubby really hurt someone today cause of other peoples actions. It pains me to see him go through this and I hope we get get past it (or move on) without going into extremes. (no worries, we are perfectly fine as a couple)

Lastly, I have come to the realization that in order to teach my girls to love their bodies (cause we are at that stage in life with both of them, yes I am a little scared but Duh Hubby is terrified) I have to learn to love my body. So as seeing it is the 1st of the month I am going to make it my mission to lose some weight this summer and continue to lose it.

Life gets in the way of things we might want to do or feel we should have to do, but what we don’t stop to see if that is purely what life is about. Doing things, and as we might not get them all done in one day they will get done. And that is something I have learned to hold onto.

Good Night my loyal readers, as well as those who might have stumbled upon me.

And yes I am still here and kicking


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