More to come

I have not been on in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I have not been at work.

Since this blog is about finding out who I am as a person, beyond just being a mother and wife, I have thought of a few things.

I LOVE to cook

Music is my motivation to everything, and can direct my mood where I need it to go

I found a love in working out, and soon I hope a love in losing weight once I can see it

As well as books, I have always and will always love books.

So I decided to put these little interests to work. So weekly, biweekly and monthly I will post about them.

Titles to pages to come (still work in progress)

One recipe a month

A weekly/biweekly song from my Itunes playlist (have a lot of songs so maybe biweekly)

(Title has been chosen) Fit Journey, together we can all see where I have been and where I am going in losing weight and learning to love my body again. I will try to post twice a week, but defiantly once a week.

and lastly….

a book review once a month, now I have a genre I prefer but if people have a suggestions, then I will try my hardest to try it. I do have two children at home with busy lives, my reading material these days is a magazine.

so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy, cause I put a lot of work and thought into it.


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