Happiness Happens Here

Whenever the day gets rough, I am feeling nostalgic or I just want a warmth of happiness at any given time, I take a little trip. It is always better when I can physically go there. But mentally can do the trick as well. My little get away changed about two years ago.

All around you can see green and blue and brown. Hear birds chirp and the water come in and go back  out slowly to the shore. There is a slight smell of salt water and the charcoal of a BBQ getting started. Open your eyes and your at a little beach surrounded by woods that are amazing to camp in. When you come into the parking lot you see trees everywhere. To the left, right, in front and even behind you, making you feel like they have closed you off from a hectic world.

The trip in my mind, I go straight to the water. Wearing a long flowing skirt, tank top and sunglasses. I make my way down to the beach and wade in the water, just enough where my skirt is skimming it and my feet are wet. I walk the entire shore. Admiring the world around. The cliff that seems mystic. The sand that changes color as you explore. The family digging to make a sand castle. And the children running with the waves. As I walk, I go in a little deeper. Letting my body get used to the water.

Soon it is just me, I have walked down the shore enough that no one is there. In fact it is mostly water because the shore has finally met the water in a wonderful union. So I go a little deeper, not to deep, but where I can still walk and not tiptoe.

That is when I can think about all I want. How the water feels against my skin. My body getting heavier because my clothes are wet. And the funny feelings you get when creatures swim or crawl over your feet in the water. After awhile I walk back but the beach is a little bare because the families have gone into the woods to start BBQ’s and fires.

In my minds trip I decide it is time to leave. I slowly, reluctantly come back to reality. But even though I don’t want to leave, I am happier. And I also know that come summer time I won’t have to imagine being there, we will spend most weekends there.

But until then, I can imagine the water around me without getting a single drop on me.


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