Working Out with Kids

This is my second post in the Fit Journey. I was actually able to work out this week. Tuesday I did a 4.25 mile ride on the stationary bike. The YMCA I go to got some new ones a couple months back. So depending on the route you do depends on how hard the work out is. I did the Coastal Route. Which meant that I did a lot of hills. It was the oldest’s idea, she wanted to race. I don’t think she realized how hard it would be. I got a great work out doing it. I felt the pain in my legs, but I kept going. I was able to do it in under 25 minutes. Probably a little lower then that but I forgot, I just know I went 4.25 miles. The last mile I went pretty slow cause I was trying to motivate the oldest to get done and not quit and slow down my heart rate. She finished and I was so proud of her cause I know it was tough and I know she wanted to quit.

After that I took Monster to his swim class, and oh boy, my legs were stiff once I got out of the pool. Felt good. I drank enough water and stretched so I was not sore the next morning.

Today was a little different. I take a class the is called Stroller Fitness. Basically moms can work out while the kids play together. But it is open for everyone else as well.  Today we had a group of teens with us so it was crowded. I don’t run just yet cause it hurts so I got on the elliptical and did that for ten minutes. Did some medicine ball squats, plank, mountain climbers and pull ups with a band. Even though I sweated I didn’t feel like I got a great workout. But when Monster wants me to hold him I do it. And he was cuddling so I knew he was tired. While I held him I did some calf raises.

When the teenagers left we all did some stretching as a group and did release stuff ( I can not remember what she said it was called). Totally new to me, but I enjoyed it and will be investing in it.

Either way that last couple days of working out have been good. I can do better though. And hopefully this weekend I can get a weight and measurements down so I can start tracking progress. So stay alert, drink lots of water. There is more to come.


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