Monthly Challenges

Here it is, another week and I have yet to do my measurements and weight. Not sure why I am stalling so much. Can’t be that bad.

Anyway, this weekend I didn’t do a real work out, I did yard work on Sunday and moved a new couch upstairs on Saturday. So I guess you can say I got exercise.

Also I didn’t go to my Stroller Fitness class due to some prior engagements AND I had a ton of laundry to get done and since we don’t have a washer I have to go to the laundromat. And doing it with an infant is difficult. But I will be working out tomorrow, hopefully, and Wednesday.


What are some daily chores you do that get you sweating and make you feel like you got a workout?


2 Replies to “Monthly Challenges”

  1. I clean my floors on my hands and knees-the linoleum floors that is. I also do windows. Great arm workout. Scrubbing out the shower and tub will get you sweating too. If you have a yard, go weed or garden. I need to do that and it always makes me sweat.


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