Third Time is NOT a Charm, Especially in this case (Part 1)

I lost you three times, and the third time I never got you back. It hurt so much when I realized what happen and I wish I could take it back. I just hope who ever took you is treating you right… cause you are such a good little boy. Also, I am very sorry that I was to busy for you and that when we brought Zoey home I quit taking you places (I believe in fairness after all). I have never cried so hard in my life.

Before I had my son Monster there was Jack Jack. A very handsome Pomeranian Chihuahua. He was white and brown with a spot on his eye and a matching one on his side. Always happy and could run circles around everybody. Seriously, he ran really fast. I took him everywhere with me. We were so attached that at one point he started shadowing me. Meaning he could walk with me and around me without me tripping on him once, there were occasions where I had to circle myself to make sure he was still there. He was my Jack Jack, my first son, even though he was a dog.

The first time I lost him I was devastated. We lived on the top floor of an apartment. I was bringing groceries upstairs (after a Costco trip so there was lots). Of course he would not stay in the house or the car, so he followed me up and down the stairs, never tiring or anything.  So when I was done I naturally thought he went in the house to sleep, because it took a good twenty minutes to unload the car.

When my (then) boyfriend came home he yelled for Jack Jack. This was about half an hour after we got done, and it was normal that Jack Jack would go sleep for an hour or so without even moving. So when he didn’t come when called I told the BF that he was probably sleeping under the pillows again, cause I could have sworn I saw him there five minutes ago. Nope he wasn’t there.

So I panicked. Right away I opened the door to see if he was there. Cause a couple times before he would slip out when I got home and get shut outside, or I would forget to ask him if he wanted to come in (I trained him to wait until asked) cause I was in a rush to get to the bathroom. But he wasn’t there.

We went outside and started yelling his name. He was chipped so we called the previous owner to get things switched right away, we were all busy so it never got done. My BF was yelling everywhere. After about twenty minutes we found him. He was at a neighbors house. We figured that when I didn’t hear him scratching at the door that he went to explore and found an open door. At first the people wanted us to pay them for the dog, but they didn’t even know he was in the house. My BF just happen to walk by and see Jack Jack eating their cat food. After arguing with them, and eventually threatening to call the police they gave him up.

It was scary losing Jack Jack, even for that short of time. He was my “child”. And what I though was him sleeping on the bed happen to be his stuffed animal that he loved to much. The animal just happen to be belly up so it looked like Jack Jack’s head.

But that would not be the last time my Jack Jack slipped through my fingers, or my eye sight. So stay tuned.


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