An Interesting Woman

I have seen her around the gym.  Once in a while our lockers would be next to each other. But we never talked. When I saw her walk by I would think “wow she is so pretty and fit for her age” and hoped one day I would look just as appealing. So when I signed up to see a personal trainer for free (a perk of signing up with the YMCA) I took the chance and requested her. There was no way I was going to miss meeting her. I am more then glad I did.

Her entire demeanor shows strength, compassion and a love for things around her.   Her hair is grey mixed in with brown, and I couldn’t help but notice  with her short bob that she wore it with dignity, she let the entire world know she has been around and is not afraid to show it. The way she walks commands attention, and not that type that makes woman envious and husbands get hit, no its the type that makes you throw out the burger and drink water, maybe even go for a run.

So when I got to sit down and talk to her, it was amazing. I totally looked up to this woman just by the way she looks. And I even got to meet her when she was off her game. She had worked fourteen hours the day before and was on hour nine today, and it wasn’t even noon. She almost forgot our appointment, but I was so eager to meet her that I asked where to find her.

While she talked to me about health and what I could do to lose the pouch and be healthy I couldn’t help but notice she had a slight accent, and I couldn’t place it. I didn’t want to stop and ask so I patiently waited till we were done (she is from the East Coast). I could talk to her for hours.

Her voice made you want to sit back and listen without interruption. And the way she always held eye contact, well it was almost intimidating (not in the bad way though).

When we talked about personal stuff I found out she has five teenagers at home. yes you read that right. Five. Three girls and two boys. If I remember right they are 17 (girl) 15, 15 (both boys, but not twins) and a set of twin girls 13. I was shocked and was becoming if more awe of her. When I made the comment that they didn’t waste time in having kids and that you couldn’t tell she had five kids she explained. Two of them are “homemade” which means that she gave birth to a boy and girl (17 and 15). Then she and her husband (unfortunately divorced now) adopted a set of twin girls. And since her boy always wanted a brother they went ahead and adopted on close to his age. That way they could play together and not have such a huge age gape.

Just the fact that she adopted twins amazes me. Oh and she adopted the kids when they were young, so she has gotten the pleasure of watching them grow and learn.  She also said that from the moment they picked their son up from the airport the two boys have never gotten along. We had fun laughing at that.

This lady is very interesting, and even though I just met her today I hope to get to know her more in the future. When I explained to her the way I like to wear jeans (low-rise with the front of my shirt tucked in) she said we were very similar and we should go out for coffee. I was super excited. So maybe I will be able to get to know her.

Just talking to her for that hour and a half gave me such an insight into her life. I have seen her work out and it is amazing. She is my physical motivation. That made a lot more sense in my head.

By far she is the most interesting person I have met all year.


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