Fit Path Goals

So I met with a personal trainer through the YMCA.  I have seen her around the gym and occasionally our lockers where next to each other. When I finally got to meet her I found out she is really nice. Very concerned with moms in particular. She has 5 teenagers at home (our joke is only 2 are homemade and 3 are ordered ha ha ha). When we finally got to talking about my goals and what not, well that is when the real stuff happened.

I thought I was going to be showing her what I can do, or she shows me what to do. But since I have a leg problem (not even sure where to start explaining that one) she gave me three things. Swimming, cycling and better attention to my diet. I love to swim so that is not an issue. But when I told her that the reason why I don’t get in the pool is because I don’t like how I look in a swim suit she told me something I will always remember.

Instead of looking in the mirror and getting depressed, I should look in the mirror and tell myself that I won’t look like this for long. And to make it my goal to get fit and lose weight. And I am totally motivated to do so. Like I have said before, the food part of it is going to be my biggest challenge. But I can do this.  With the love and support of my family and friends I will get there.

So it was a successful meeting. I was shocked that we didn’t weigh me and tape me, but she was super tired and I didn’t realize it till a couple hours ago.

After my appointment I got on the recumbent bike and did a short 2 mile ride. In under eight minutes mind you.

So instead of doing just Stroller Fitness I now have a couple things I can do. There are water aerobics, cycling class (also known as spin class) and the recumbent bike. Along with the workouts that I make myself. Cause I am still working on that fitness binder.

Well that’s it for now. My goal is to do my weight and measurements Monday, cause the kids will be out of school then and I will not be so rushed.


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