You say this but I say that

I am always having a debate with myself. I think of two great ideas and want to go with them. So this is difficult for me.  Also because I let others make me second guess myself. Partly because I lack confidence. But here is something pretty common, DH is Duh Hubby and ME is well myself.  This is a never ending thing, but hopefully it will end one day, though unlikely cause we are both stubborn. Now this is not word for word but it is pretty darn close. I am leaving out curse words this time.

Subject: How my family treats me

DH: You let your family walk all over you, all the time and I am getting tired of it

ME: I know they do it sometimes, but not all the time

DH: No it is all the time

ME: Like how, give me an example

DH:When your moms calls and needs you to come to the school your there

ME: I have nothing better to do, why wouldn’t I go

DH: Your brother needs help but won’t return the favor

ME: He gave me somewhere to live once I moved out before I graduated, I owed him

DH: *growls with frustration*

ME: You think I am letting them walk all over me, I think I am being family, being there when they need me and what not

DH: But they are never there for you unless they benefit from it. Name once when they came to your rescue without lording it over your head or making it a big deal!

ME:  *silence cause he has a point*

DH: See you can’t do it.

Unfortunately he ends up winning most of  the time. To me I think I am doing the right thing, to him he sees them walking all over me, cause when it comes time to return a favor they can never do it, or they make a huge deal out of it. So I drop it because I want to keep peace within the family so maybe one day my son can see what a family is about. But I also know that I need to look out for myself and not let them do that to me.


2 Replies to “You say this but I say that”

  1. It’ a challenge but you can do it. it isn’t a matter of love them or leave them. if you love them you will want to see them be better people. Loving sometimes takes a lot of guts.


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