A Forever House… Until I was 18

Some kids get to live in the same house until they graduate high school. Then they are out on their own doing their own thing by their own rules. While other kids jump from house to house, town to town for many different reasons. Could be because of the military, foster care or one parent doesn’t like to live in the same house for too long. I am the third one. My father was the culprit. We lived in two different houses for two years each. The last one is when my parents finally split.

In the summer of 1998 my mom moved us to the house they are in now. She promised we would not move again until I graduated high school. In elementary school I went to four different schools. So when she promised, well I kept it in mind.

Our house was not very big but was not very small either. Three bedrooms. One bath. Nice kitchen and living area. I liked it very much because it also cam with neighbors and a huge yard. I was always used to a huge yard but neighbors, well she moved us from the country and both my brothers went to live with my brother.

The kitchen is nice and open. At the time I thought it was a lot of counter space. The living area is one of my favorite spots. A ton of space. I used to lay on the floor and read a book for hours. Eventually I would move to my room and read.

The bedrooms where a nice size. One of them didn’t have a window but made up for it with shelves in the closet. They did have mirror doors but my step sister and I broke them jumping off the top bunk. The other bedroom was a little bigger with a window but past that it was not very interesting. The master bedroom was the biggest (I know… duh), the most interesting thing about this one was the door that hooked to the bathroom.

The bathroom was pretty big in itself.  Two different sinks. Small bath though. Two huge storage areas. One counter was bigger then the other one, also had a bigger mirror.

Over all I loved the house. About ten years ago my parents decided to by our unit. We lived in a duplex. So after they bought it was acquired three garages and a HUGE storage. They still rent out storage space and my step dad keeps his various things in the other two garages. In the storage part mom keeps extra food in one area and just stuff in the other. Sometimes during parties they will set up a TV and the Xbox for the kids.

Overall it is a very beautiful house and I am even more happy to say that my parents still live there. I just hope one day Duh Hubby and I can find a home that will suit us and the family we are raising.


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