Hawaiian Bean Dish

There was always just that one dish mom made that I always loved. I still love it but I have not eaten it since my 21st birthday (shall I say more?).  Every time I saw her pull out the casserole dish my mouth would water.I can’t remember when or why she made it that I first fell in love with it. But I do remember that every year when she asked what I wanted for my birthday dinner it was always that. Until I turned 21 that is.

The dish is delish. First she took her dish out, always the same one.  First she put in the Bush’s Baked Beans, she varied in the taste from time to time. Then she would add the hot dogs and pineapple tidbits. Afterward she would put it in the oven. I can’t remember how long or the temperature. About ten minutes into the baking you could smell it.

Close your eyes and you could feel the waves tickle your toes.  The smell of hot dogs cooking on the grill and the sweet and tangy feel of eating pineapple. Oh man, even now I can taste it, not sure I could eat it though.

The only good way to eat it is in a bowl with a spoon.

The joy I felt every time I ate the bean dish was amazing. Life was great. And one day I hope to introduce the dish to my family. Once I get over the sensation of beans coming back up after to much to drink.


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