Third Time is NOT a Charm… Especially in this case (Part 2)

You would think after losing my beloved Jack Jack once that I would not lose him again. Not. Though in my defense it was not my fault. I had a white dog and it was snowing.

It was a very snowy weekend. But we had not been in it because I had to work, even with a foot of snow in the parking lot.  So after work I took him out. He loved the snow. The taller the better, he looked like a deer going through a pasture.

Well I had been rolling around with my roommate and friends. Throwing snow balls and sliding down the hill. Hey don’t judge, the small wonders in life make everyone a kid again. When we finally stopped to breath I noticed that Jack Jack was nowhere to be seen.

Wow just realized you guys probably think I am incapable to hold onto a dog, I am not, he was just really really small dog, white and VERY fast.

Anyway, back to my story. We searched and yelled everywhere around the apartment complex. Even went back to the apartment to see if he was there. Afraid that he got to cold, and well died. I started yelling more and more. I went back to our little play area to pick up my jacket cause I was getting ready to go drive around and look for him. Went I lifted it something heavy dropped out and rolled down the hill. When I turned around to see what it is, well it jumped into my arms.

Yes it was my handsome Jack Jack. We figured he got cold and bored so he burrowed (something he was very good at it) into my jacket to sleep. And he sleeps hard and my jacket was very warm because it was a military jacket. So when we were yelling for him he didn’t move cause he was super comfy and he was very stubborn. There was plenty a time where I had to actually pick him up to leave the house. Kind of like a teenage boy in a small body.

So this time I lost him was not so bad, and I should have known him better but after the last time I was shaky. After that I was super better and keeping track of him. But stay tuned cause a life change makes one puppy upset, which makes him do something I feel bad for a still to this day I get upset.


As you can see this is not the first time I lost him… check out the first time


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