Dear Expectations:

In some ways you SUCK! In other ways you rock, in fact you are the rock.  Cases in which it is a love/hate relationship your at the top. You destroy marriages. Throw teens in a downward spiral through their parents. Even make it impossible for people to achieve dreams. But I am not going to let you do that to me.

I am going to show Duh Hubby that just going to work and loving us is enough. That the small expectations in life are not that bad. And that we can get through anything together, as long as we fight together.  I am going to learn how to set expectations for myself. That way when I am working toward a goal and achieve it, then I am elated with myself.  Not be discouraged and give up cause I set them to high.

But when it comes to my kids I wont be one of those parents. The ones where they expect their kids to go to college, the one they went to, and live a life they might not have gotten. I will, though, expect them to get good grades in school (B’s are just fine in my book). Stay out of trouble and move out when they are 18 and graduated. Oh yes that is another one, I expect them to graduate (both me and Duh Hubby did).  The only high expectation I will have is for them to be happy, to achieve goals they set themselves and to be the person I know they can. Cause in the end, their happiness is what makes me proud.

So, Expectations, what do you have to say to that one?



Mrs. A. M. Corey


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