One added and another not so much

So I know I have fallen behind on writing this. But things get in the way and I have to live life first. Otherwise what would I have to write for my blog? See? Anyways, my journey has been strong.

I have started using an app called MyFitness Pal. It is site where you can keep track of your food, water and exercise. I love it. I insert a food, modify the serving size and then enter it. It calculates all the calories, carbs, fats and what not. I can even decide which ones I want on there. And I will tell you what, having to do this really helps me decide what I want to eat. Because in the beginning when you sign up it will ask you what your goals are. Then it will base how many calories you should be eating everyday. And once you have completed a day it will tell you how much you would weigh in 5 weeks if everyday was like “today”.  When you work out it adds calories to your days intake cause you should replace the ones you burn. There has been a couple days where I have “earned” and extra 1000 just from working out. When it comes to working out on the app you insert the workout you did (you can always add your own). It calculates your calories burned based on how long you worked out. You can also manually insert how many you burned if you know it.  I have it on my phone and I also have it on my computer. The site is…. You should really check it out. Really awesome. I recommend it.

I have added a new routine to my workouts. I tried adding two but one of them is not going to work. I tried out Cycling class at my local YMCA. I survived 30 minutes. It wasn’t that the class was to hard, it was the seats. I was so sore for three days that it hurt to sit down or anything. So I will stick to the recumbent bike instead. I know there are seat covers I could get to help, but I also know there are other routines I could do to lose weight.  The other routine I have chosen to keep is the Deep Water Fitness. I love it. Though I have only gone once I plan on going again. Wednesday I didn’t feel so great so we didn’t go anywhere, otherwise I would have gone then.

So there is it. I am doing Stroller Fitness (which has been renamed to Boot Camp to try and up members) and Deep Water Fitness on top of what ever work outs I do by myself and the espresso bike. I love the bike, they have different paths you can take, and it even links up to the myfitness pal stuff, so when  I am done it will post to both that and my facebook. I am super excited about it.

I know I still have not done my measurements. But I had a visitor so though bloating only adds a couple inches, those inches go a long way. And if I have not said it before I LOST FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!! Totally excited about that one.

Well that is it for now. Eventually I will get the measurements up AND get my personal workout binder done. Enjoy your day and don’t forget, process is slow but the outcome is amazing.


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