Only 400 words… on the dot.

I am weird and I know it. I also know that some of the weirdness comes from my mother. Like OCD. Things have to be even or they feel off and it can turn my whole day around. SO if my husband decided to titty flick me then I have to endure it again cause if he doesn’t do it on the other side then I feel awkward. He enjoys torturing me like that. Another example is even numbers. Some people can deal with it not being even. Not me. Things have to be even. I am not crazy where everything falls apart if it is not even. It just super annoys me until it is fixed, if it ever gets fixed.

So I know I am weird and it all got worse about two years ago. Probably has something to do with a life style change. Which I am OK with. I just hope that this doesn’t turn out to over run my life, cause that would suck . Royally.

Hmm free writing, what else is there to free write about? Well the fact that i am frozen solid and can’t seem to think about anything could be something. I can sit here and babble until I feel like I am done. Doing the Daily Post Writing 101 course and this is one of the assignments. Normally I can think of something but I guess the point of free writing is to just think. Well not think, but think. So I am writing about what ever comes across my brain.

I know that I have been behind on my personal blog. Got things in place I would like to write about but for one reason or another I don’t get to them. Whether it is because I am super busy or my son is being super clingy. Or if he is getting into everything and I can’t seem to concentrate.  Always one thing or another, so I play catch up about once a week.

I know I could do this when he is sleeping, which is what I am doing, but sometimes other things need to get done. And I don’t even get everything on my to do list done in day anyway. Like after this I will be catching up on my Fit Journey posts. Where I talk about my journey on getting healthy again. Way behind on it.



One Reply to “Only 400 words… on the dot.”

  1. I belong to MyFitness Pal too and find it really helps. I am not very good at journaling at that site though. It is hard to do everything. I know I am having issues with that.


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