Third Time is NOT a Charm… Especially in this case (Part 3)

They say that third time is the charm and deaths come in three. Neither of them I like, but it is the first one that really got me. In the first two parts of this series I wrote about a dog I lost. All were short periods of time but each time I felt like my world was going to end. This last time I swore my life was going to end, but something good (ish) came out of it. When I am done I will let you guys know, it is kind of a this chapter ended so another could start but still sad.

I had Jack Jack for about two years, give or take a couple months. He was my little man, went everywhere with me and did almost everything I did. He would burrow himself under the pillows to keep warm. And though it scared me he would hang his head out the window like a normal dog. He hated the water but that didn’t stop me on a hot day, he needed to cool off. He didn’t mind that I cut his hair but preferred it when I took him to a groomer. He was my handsome little man. So when this horrible night came to pass I could not believe it.

Now I am going to back up a little and explain our situation that sort of led to this. When I got together with Duh Hubby we got a dog from a friend (the same friend who gave me Dino).  We named this new puppy Zoey. When we brought her home Jack Jack showed her the ropes.  He even allowed her to lay under the pillows with him, she still does this but on top now that she is to big to be under them.  He would get her attention by wagging his tail under her nose, which he later regretted because every time she wanted to play she would drag him across the floor by his tail. I personally don’t think he thought she would get very big. Anyway, back to the point.

They did everything together, but as Zoey got bigger I couldn’t take her very many places. Also because when she got super excited she would pee everywhere, which later she grew out of, mostly. So I had to stop bringing her with me, which meant I quit bringing Jack Jack because I believe in being fair. He didn’t like this change in events very much, and neither did I but I didn’t want Zoey to start getting violent towards anyone cause she was not going places.

Well in our front yard fence he is small enough to squeeze through and would try and leave that way. It worked until we blocked the area. But one night we forgot to.

I was leaving to go to my very first PTA meeting. I was running a little late so I was rushing out the door. I told the dogs to stay and be good. I can’t remember if Duh Hubby was home yet. But I left. When I came home I relaxed and everything. Just took it easy after reporting how the meeting went and what not. Bed time comes around (the oldest was already in bed by this time) I yelled for the dogs to come to bed. Jack Jack didn’t come. We checked everywhere in the house. Even checked the child’s room cause lately he had been going in there to get away from Zoey.

He was nowhere to be found. I panicked. Went out into the street and started yelling for his name every where. And I mean everywhere. Duh Hubby could hear me back at the house and I was a good half mile away. While I was out I called my ex since Jack Jack’s chip was on his information was hooked to his number. When I got back to the house my mother in law took me in her Jeep to drive around to see if we could find him.

It had been a good three hours since anyone saw Jack Jack. When finally we concluded we weren’t going to find him I went to sleep in tears. I had lost my little boy and there was nothing I could do to get him back. Over the course of a couple days I put up flyers (which someone kept taking down). Some neighbors said that they saw him running down the street and someone stopped, picked him up and took him down to a house a couple houses down. So Hubby and my father in law went down to talk to the resident. Who proceeded to say that he told the folks that it wasn’t his dog.

After a week I knew I was not going to get my dog back. Sometimes it still brings tears to my eyes cause that dog was my world.  It makes me so mad that someone would not take him to be checked out or even put up flyers. So my dog got stolen from me and I am very angry about it.

I hurt to lose a loved one, whether it is human being or an animal. So if you see a lost pet please so all you can to return them. Now in the beginning I said this was like a chapter ending so another could start. Shortly after losing Jack Jack I had a doctors appointment where I found out I was about four weeks pregnant.  Now I believe (though it still angers me and saddens me) that Jack Jack was sent to me to prepare me for a child of my own.  Cause not even two weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I wish I could have kept my dog and still had my baby but I am a HUGE believer in everything happens for a reason. And though I don’t like what happen I have come to accept it. I just hope I don’t lose another pet anytime soon.



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