Well crap, screw you

K, so without going into a lot of detail.  The last ten months or so I have been going to Miss Sudsy’s Laundromat every week to do clothes cause our washer was out. I come home the other day, after doing laundry, and find out my In-Laws bought a new washer. SWEET an extra 40 bucks in my pocket every week.

After joking about laundry and stuff my father in law pops off saying that if laundry is left in it he will put it back in the basket. I know him well enough that he meant to say put in the the trash. He also said that I was not allowed to do 12 loads a day. I could deal with the first part, I have and have always had an issue remembering to switch loads. But the last part was uncalled for.

In the beginning I tried making days for everyone to do laundry, all I got was attitude. I do laundry for four people, plus towels and bedding. How can I not do 12 loads without being stuck doing laundry everyday of the fucking week.

Of course to keep the peace I didn’t say anything. I have twice as many people in my family as he does. They do laundry maybe once a week, all because they only take a shower once a fucking week. SO EXCUSE me if I have more laundry.

I can not wait until we get out on our own, cause they are NEVER living with us nor staying for more then a night. So all I have to say to him is FUCK YOU, your nasty and old and RUDE.

Thank you, rant over.

Anyone else have a situation like this one? With a roommate?


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