One day it will happen

She has this dream, it seems to always be the same but with some differences. Small ones, but they are still there. She hates living where she is now, just wished they could win the lottery and get out of there once and for all. Should start playing the lottery cause a winning ticket isn’t just going to fall in her lap now is it? But even though she has this same dream she always goes back to it.  Because she knows it will happen one day. Hopefully in her time frame and plan, but life is not predictable. But still, going back to this dream and know it will happen one day gives her the hope and motivation she needs to keep going.

They finally move out and into a place of their own. Differences may apply, depends on how my HGTV shows she watches.

It is moving day. She can not wait to unlock the doors to their own place. Sure they are renting it, but it is only her and her little family. They can not believe they are renting it for so low with so much space.  Four bedrooms, two and half bath. Walk in closets in the master bedroom. Open concept house, lots of natural light and wood floors. Even in the bedrooms. Kitchen has been redone so all the appliances are new. And black, her favorite. Nice big back yard with a wood fence so the dog won’t go totally crazy when she sees someone walk by. The back door even has a dog door in it, she wishes her husband luck in trying to train the dog to go out the door. Two car garage with a detached extra space for Duh Hubby’s tools and toys.

Everything they could ever want. And whats better is, no stairs. She is totally over having to walk up and down the stairs all the time.

This will be the first time the kids get to see the house.  She already knows who gets what bathroom. Thankfully one of the bathrooms hooks the bedrooms together. So the kids will have to learn how to share a bathroom. The fourth room will be hers. She can put her crafts in it, a table and what ever else she wants. And when she wants to escape she will go in there. Hubby has the detached space outside so this one is hers. All hers.

Finally they get all the boxes in the house. Now comes her favorite part. She gets to unpack and organize everything. Then they will have a house warming party cause this is their first place together and there are a lot of things they don’t have. But until then she can organize the house the way she wants. And at night she can sit on the couch with a cup of bedtime tea and be happy. No Grey Hounds running around. Food will always be there. No dirty looks when things don’t go a certain way. And a guaranteed dinner every night, except weekends cause then everyone is kind of on their own unless she feels like cooking.

Aw somewhere she can call home, raise her family the way she wants and not have to worry about eaves droppers over the age of 11.  She can already feel the change coming in her family, they can all finally relax.

Yup same dream, with differences. But always in the end she feels new hope that one day it will happen.


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