UPdate today

So I missed my Deep Water Aerobics class today. I kind of rely on my son to wake up early, but today he decided he was going to sleep in till 9:30 am. Missed it. Then I was getting up and around cause I didn’t want to miss my Stroller Fitness class, Duh Hubby called while I was eating breakfast and I got distracted so there went that class.

The goal for today is to let Monster take a nap, then head to the gym and hop on the recumbent bike.  I really need to get working out again, other wise the TEN pounds I lost are going to come back. YUP, you read that right. I lost a total of TEN pounds since starting my journey in May. I still need to do my measurements.

I digress. My goal today is simply to work out. And I need to work out one way or another today. I have really been lacking and I am not really sure why. Weather doesn’t have much to do with it. Maybe it is because I am tired of rushing around everywhere. If I don’t have 25 minutes to get ready then I am likely not going to do it, unless it is an appointment. Then of course I am going to do it.

Crrap, I digress again. Came to say that I have fell off my wagon of working out. But I plan on getting back on it this week. Also I lost TEN pounds since May so I am super excited about that.

Fare well for now my dedicated readers…


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