Use your Words

Here I am. Up at 6 am Monday morning. All because my son woke up screaming bloody murder cause he didn’t have a bottle. Just a couple months ago he would get up and start saying mom over and over and over again. Then all of a sudden he starts this screaming. I wish he would use his words. I also miss him saying mamma a lot. Now he rarely uses it. 

So now I am researching ways to try and get my son to start using his words more often. He doesn’t know a lot of them but he can use them. There is no sign of any trouble with his learning. I just think he is using the easy way out. But hey, I wanted to become a morning person to get time to myself and I guess he is helping with that by screaming bloody murder and six in the morning. 

This is a very hard stage in his life right now. He is learning to walk, talk and try out his boundaries since they have changed a little. And on top of that he has been teething hard core again with a diaper rash from hell to top off the cake. Maybe that is way I have been a little slack on him using words. Humph, but it needs to change. I have a very intelligent boy on my hands, now it is time to coax him out of his new shell. 

We will see what this new week brings us. I will do research to see what I can start doing. Then learn with my husband and we can both be on board about it. Guess I could check out a book at the library for babies. It was a book about their 100 first words, he liked it the first time I checked it out. And for right now he is gentle with books, it is only occasionally he puts them in his mouth now. I am going to cherish that cause I know there is a stage in life where they start tearing things apart. Should start saving money for damage fees on books ha ha ha. Well on that semi happy note I am going to go and enjoy watering my strawberries while my son is still sleeping, hopefully he will sleep in till 9 am. 


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