A Little Update and Restart

So I am having my fat week. Which sucks but rocks at the same time. But that is not why I am writing on the Fit Journey. I am writing to admit something.

I have fell off my wagon. Sure I am working out and watching what I eat. But I am not doing it to the full capacity. And I know how much weight I have lost but I don’t know where I am losing it. So starting August 1st, 2014 I will be doing a “restart”. I will do my weight AND my measurements. Why August and not now you may ask? Well I am still doing my fat week (got a couple days left).  And August is a good month for more. I married my husband in August and it means the end of summer and the beginning of another school year. So it is perfect for me.

I really want to stay on track this time. So I will be posting goals as well, and I will come back to them every month when I do another weigh in, to see where I am at on each one.

I want to lose the weight and get healthy. I am almost to my pre-pregnancy weight. But that is not the end of my journey, I still have a lot to go. But hopefully when I set my goals, weigh in, and do my measurements monthly then by next summer I can show off my body, and my husband can brag about how hot his wife is.

SO here is to getting back on track and keeping on that track.


One Reply to “A Little Update and Restart”

  1. Don’t get down on yourself and keep trying. I should be in ICU with as many times as I have fallen off the wagon. Just keep trying, that is the best thing you can do.


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