When you realize your growing up

Well crap, I never really saw it until now. I am growing up. Not in the maturity sense… I got that in lock down when I got married. But in the sense that I am now in the category of “wow I cant wait to have that one day”. I should clarify what I mean.
Today I went to my grandparents church for their family VBS (vacation bible school for those who don’t know). As I was watching everyone come in I began to realize I knew some of them. But they looked totally different. They were teenagers.. Whom when I say them last they were a little older then my son. Then when I saw their parents it was like wow that is a lot of grey hair.
It really started to sink in when I saw the older folks of the church. And I was shocked. They all looked their age. It was like a culture shock. Somehow along the way I turned into the mom who chased her toddler around the church while the older folks smiled and said how cute my kid is and the teenagers watched with glee, adoration and laughter mixed with a little fear cause they too know they will be in my spot one day. It was a total eye opener.


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