A Laugh Died Today

I was on my way to the dentist this evening when I heard on the radio that Robin Williams had been found dead in his home. The radio show host said that there will be more to the story after the commercial. So I listened to the commercials wondering if it was ever going to end.

Eventually it came back on. And even though much was not said it was still sad.

Robin Williams was found dead in his California home. It was evident that it was a suicide by asphyxiation. It was so sad to see icons go. Even sadder with suicide.

I haven’t cried (not sure if I will) but it still hurts. I think the first time I had ever seen Williams was in Aladdin. As the genie. So OK I didn’t see him but I loved his voice. Then when I saw in the Mrs. Doubtfire I couldn’t stop laughing.

He was such a woot, and it truly is sad knowing he will never be able to make us laugh or smile. But when I think about it, he will. We will always remember him.

He made wishes come true, he made children of all ages laugh. He played a game while you ran through a jungle. And he was always there when someone needed a laugh.

So although the beloved actor is gone he will never be forgotten. And I hope and pray that we not remember how he went but how he was when he was here. So R.I.P Robin Williams, I for sure will never forget you.






Robin Williams dead at 63 | www.kirotv.com.



3 Replies to “A Laugh Died Today”

  1. I understand your sentiments. As a high school girl and into my early adulthood I lived for the night that Mork and Mindy came on. Iw as thrilled when this brilliant comedian moved on to bigger and better ventures and thrilled to see him cross from funny to serious movies. I suppose it is my age now and the awareness I have about moving on as opposed to disappearing after physical death. I have had many loved ones in recent years to move on. I have learned to feel that they are somehow freer now to express all that this world stifled in them. I feel their energy, their live and presence in unbridled freedom. I know Robin’s spirit is released in new ways and is now affecting humanity with an even greater impact. It is sad that he suffered in life but at least now I hope he sees just how truly magnificent he was..

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    1. This is very thoughtful and I loved reading this comment. It is always sad when someone passes on. And though it may seem hard to remember they are in a better place, it often gets forgotten cause we are so sad they are not with us. Mork and Mindy where before my time but I am sure if I look hard enough I can find the seasons on DVD.


      1. I hope you find them. This was early Robin Williams. Fresh, spntaneous, brilliantly funny. Their sweet chemisty was something to look forward to each week. This was spun off of a Happy Days episode,a nother favorite of mine. I once stood in line at a mall to get Henry Winkler’s autograph. Yeah…I’m old. Lol

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