8 Minute Free Write

Well I don’t have time for an actual post. But I feel like I need to post something since it has been about a week. I usually post about every couple days about this or that. Mostly on my Fit Journey. Which is going great. Anyway, so I have about eight minutes before I have to go meet my daughter at her bus stop. So I am going to free write, about anything, for eight minutes. Well at this point it is six minutes.

But here we go.

My oldest starts middle school in like two and a half weeks. It is weird to know that she is growing up. Into a very smart girl, when she wants to use her brains and problem solving skills.

I found out two weeks ago how much my youngest step daughter does not like me. We were all playing in the front yard. The adults where sitting in chairs and the two youngest were on the ground playing while everyone was taking turns throwing a ball for our dog Zoey. Well the ball is an over sized tennis ball that is partly deflated so Zoey can pick it up. Blondie takes the ball and tells her dad to lean back because she is going to throw the ball at me. I give her the “don’t you dare” look, which didn’t work. She then proceeds to throw the ball at my face, full force, while standing four feet away from me. Doesn’t even say sorry and when I mention it or bring it up she still does not say sorry. So now she is not allowed to handle any balls when I am around her. Gah I should just accept that this child is never going to like me. But if she starts hurting Monster on purpose then we are going to have HUGE problems. Like I might lift my “i don’t beat kids you I didn’t birth” rule.

Two minutes left.

My Monster is growing super fast. He is walking all the time now. Trying to talk more. Being as independent as he can at only a year old. He is also starting to scream again. Lastly I am starting to give him less bottles and more sippy  cups. Though he may by pass those and go straight to a cup.

My husband. Still trying to figure out what is medically wrong with him. As well as be there for him and show him I love him and he is appreciated. Things could be better for him, but us as a couple are doing good.

Well eight minutes are up, now time to get Monster up so we can go get the oldest.


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