First Day of Middle School

It is the dreaded day. As my daughter gets ready for school I am reminded that she is growing up. Reminded that one day she will graduate high school and will move out of the house. How did we get here? Why did it go so fast? And why do I have this bitter sweet taste about it all? It is all the cycle of life, even I know that. But can’t things slow down so I can enjoy them some more? No? Alright fine.

I am excited for her though, truly. I am just a little afraid for her. A new school, new friends, more classes. New chances for her to excell at who she is and expand her sense of herself. A little much to take in for a first time mom. But this is a crucial time in her life and I want to be there for her. I don’t want to be over bearing like some parents are. I want her to know what it feels like to fear failure, to get a bad grade or confront a teacher of a bad grade without me doing it for her. I want her to fight her own battles. These next three years are going to be great for her. She will learn how to stand up for herself in many area. She will find out what more life has to offer her. Curfews, cell phones, fashion, womanhood. All this will lead up to high school where she can perfect this. Until she gets to college and realized she has no idea what she wants again in life.

All part of life. All part of her growing up. All part of the navigation in life.

I will be here for her. When she comes across a battle she just can’t do herself I will stand next to her. When she needs help with homework or a project I will be there with her. When she makes the soccer team I will be at her every game. And when she gets her heart broken for the first time I will be there with tissues and ice cream.

I may not have given birth to her but she is my daughter. I am here for the most important stages in life. The ones that will help mold her into a woman. And frankly I can’t wait for the trip. But for right now I am going to nicely go in her room and tell her to turn down the music so she doesn’t wake up her baby brother, then I am going to start a cup of tea and load the washer. All a part of life, and we are in it together, so lets see where the 6th grade takes us.


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