Colt Ford Concert

I love country music, something most people know about me. When I started dating my husband he introduced me to Colt Ford. A GOD fearing country rapper. He sings about love, family, and dirt roads. Among other things of course. When I hear him come on the radio I turn it up and belt out the song. So when we heard he was coming to the Washington State Fair we wanted to go. We don’t normally go to concerts and we had never been to one together. Thankfully we had to money to get them so I jumped on it.

I felt like the anticipation was going to kill me. It was like time was not going fast enough. Everyday seemed to creep by even though I was busy each day.

Finally the day came. I was excited beyond belief. Not only were we going to a concert, but it was to one we both love. And we were going without kids. So that meant we could take advantage of the beer garden on top of it. A luxury only a parent can understand fully and enjoy to the full extent. We each had two drinks. I was not impressed with either of mine but I drank them anyway.

Afterward, and as time closed in for the concert, we made our way to the stadium. We stopped by the O’Reilly’s tent to spin the wheel.  We both got a hat. Further on the way I got a caramel apple. Can’t go to a state fair without getting one, I mean come on.

We made it to the entrance to the concert. It was an in the dirt concert so it was standing room only. Slowly we made it through, got our tickets scanned and stood in with the crowd waiting for it to begin.

The crowd was in an uproar when Colt Ford walked on stage. Everyone was excited. I especially cause I felt really close to him, even though I was a good 100 feet away from him. So I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures. I swayed to the music with my husband behind me. I sang to every song I knew and even ones I didn’t really know.

About half way through the concert I had to go to the bathroom, I could no longer hold it. As I made my way through the crowd toward the direction of the bathrooms I saw people dancing. In the back of the arena there were kids running around and playing. Couples dancing together, which looked amazing. Even the security looked like they were enjoying themselves.

All around it was a perfect concert. I would definitely go to another Colt Ford concert, and I will be continuing to listen to him. On our way to the truck we stopped and got burgers. Once we got to the truck we sat on the tail gate and ate them while we talked about the concert and how stupid people where being in the parking lot.

When we got home it was bittersweet, we enjoyed ourselves but we weren’t ready for the night to be over. But our bodies were. So we went in the house.

That was the end of our night. The end of our first concert as a married couple. I feel like we became a little more connected that night by doing something we both loved.




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