First Meeting as a Middle School Parent… Commence

Middle school, the ever so scary middle step towards the future. The place where it seems all the kids get through their awkward stages together. Form bonds that will last a lifetime (or so we hope). Where they begin to think about the person they really want to be. But how do they get there? What goes on it the background that gives them that opportunity? It’s us, the parents. The advocates between our student and the staff. We are the ones that put together events. Make sure they run smoothly, or at least try to see they move smoothly. We try to get kids together that we think will suit our children. We root them on at their sporting events. We wear the respective school gear to show support. We march in when our little cubs are being treated unfairly. But we also show our appreciation to the teachers and staff who are walking beside us in the path to help form our young ones. But how do we all get to this together? How does it all work? Cause we all know it doesn’t just happen over night. No it takes lots of time, planning and dedication. That is where the PTSA comes in.

We meet every month to go over the finances, see where everyone is in their respective projects and plan the next event. We work hours upon hours to make sure things are going well. And when we are short on volunteers we pick up the slack. Now I tried to do PTSA at the oldest’s school last year and it didn’t really pan out. Without getting into to much detail… I came in when the ex had already made friends and told them what ever she wanted. SO many of the moms were not taking me serious and would give me dirty looks. So I bowed out nicely and figured I would try again when the oldest started a new school, kind of like a fresh start for me as well. I want to be involved because my mom didn’t get the chance to be as involved cause there were four kids living at home. So since I only have half that I am making every effort to be there. In the background but I am there.

Anyway, I got side tracked. My first meeting went great. There were a lot of parents there, many of which had sixth graders. So next month we will see how many come again, I know I will. There was a lot of information and all the questions I had got answered before I even asked them. I am excited for what this year has to offer. I hope that I can keep up on being so motivated. I know this will take a lot of time and dedication but since I don’t really have a job then this will work out. And as the Monster gets older it will be easier to take him places and give him things to do.

I want to be involved, but I don’t want to be like BAM here I am, I am her mom. I want her to be able to have friends and not get teased because I am at every function. My mom was able to be involved in my kid brothers middle school years without being seen. Now I am going to see if I can do it too. I am excited for this year. I am excited for a new school. So we will see what all this year has in store.


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