A Piece of my Childhood Died but it will Live on in Memory

I was cruising Facebook on my phone Sunday morning. Nothing to new. This person is complaining about something while another person is blasting their relationship to the internet. Another person is making it sound like their life is perfect when we all know its not. But something new popped up. The death of a young one. Now I hadn’t scrolled down to see who it was yet. I was reading the message someone had left on their wall. When I got to the bottom is was like a tub of ice water had been dumped on me. I didn’t want to scroll down more to see the picture that was attached. Cause if I did then that would mean it was real. I would not be able to unread it, unsee it or get it out of my mind. It would forever be there, always. But I did it, a bigger part of me wanted to know, wanted to be sure.

It was. It was a childhood friend. A close one. We grew up together. We all played in our dead end road. But to know that he is gone hurt really bad. So I called my mom to let her know. I told her I would read some more and see what I find out. Turns out he got into an accident on his motorcycle. Not sure of the details, but I also read that he didn’t make it. I am not sure if he died at the scene or what, I just know that he is no longer here.

NO longer able to make us laugh. No longer here to make fun of us.

I had not seen him in a couple years, but he had always made it a point to stop by my parents house every once in awhile. See how things were and what not. In fact my mom had said that he stopped by not even a month ago.

My friend was the type of guy that could make anyone laugh. Everyone liked him, knew him and loved him. When he had to move I was sad but I still saw him from time to time. I remember once we went to a sleep over at a nighbors house. Normally my mom would never let me go to a boys house to sleep but this was specail. The kid had a tick but was nice and my friend said he would go with. Plus we were all young so it wasn’t like anyone was worried. Well it came time to go to bed. Our nieghbor really wanted to sleep on the bed with me (he has a MASSIVE crush on me). I didn’t want him to and his mom said that his guests get to sleep on the bed. Well that night I had a dream I was beating up our neighbor cause he said or did something stupid to me AGAIN. Next thing I know I hear someone yelling “please don’t hit me”. When I opened my eyes I saw that it was my friend.

We laughed about it for years, and even to this day we would probably still laugh. I was things like that that made him awesome. He never took things to seriously, but he could be serious. He was one of my first friends when we moved back to the city. Someone who helped form me in my early childhood years. Even though we didn’t really see each other much, just knowing that he was around and would come help if I needed it gave me comfort. But he isn’t here, and even though it stings and hurts I know that he is in a better place. I just hope and pray he didn’t hurt for to long, that he went quickly. My prayers go out to his mom and brother in their time of lose and grief. R.I.P Malcolm, you were so loved by so many and will always be remembered.


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