12 Minute Free Write

I should really make a subject tab just for this. I actually like doing this. In the amount of time I give myself I can get of my chest what is really bothering me. Or report on my family what I really want in the allotted time. Though I know I can always make another post, this was is more fun. It helps me keep in track,and if I can keep little goals (like free writing for only 12 minutes and not a minute over) then that will work up to keeping bigger goals for myself. This time we will start from the youngest up.

Monster is cutting teeth again. But this time he is cutting TWO at a time. Poor little guy. And on top of it he has a stuffy nose so that makes for very long nights. Hopefully he cuts them soon so he won’t be in so much pain. I also think that he is on another growing spurt cause he is eating more then usual. All the while he growing into a very smart little man. Unfortunately that means he gets in lots of trouble and sometimes I have to spank him. Now when he gets the stern voice he drops to his butt so he won’t get spanked, it is super cute. And now he is starting to come hug when he gets in trouble. I am taking as he is saying sorry. He is not speaking sentences yet but he is getting there. I love watching him grow. Oh and about 2 weeks ago he fell down the stairs cause on of the girls left the gate open. He is fine, the babysitter was really rattled but all is well.

The oldest is in middle school, like you might have read in previous post. She is doing wrestling and I am proud to say that her first meet is next week. Also the same day as back to school night so it will be very busy. So far she has only come home with a couple assignments, but it is still early in the year. She seems to like all her classes. She also turns 12 in about 3 weeks. We are getting her a prepaid cell phone so she can check in, let us know what is going on and to call her friends. We were going to wait until her birthday but everyday reminds us how useful it would be if she had one now. So she will be getting it 2 weeks early. For her actual birthday we will get her a card and and Itunes card so she can buy music she wants (whether we listen to it or not).

Not much to report on Blondie. Thankfully she has been staying out of trouble. She likes her new school and is growing into a smart girl. Even knows when her mom is full of crap and is starting to call her on it as well. I am both proud and disappointed. Proud cause she can tell the difference but disappointed cause there is a level of respect she should be giving her mom.

OH 3 minutes left.

Duh Hubby is the same ole same ole. I have been watching him get a little more nervous that his girls are growing up. Like he has no choice but to face it. So he has been backing me up and actually working with me on the girls. Super glad he caught up to the game.

2 Minutes.

And me. I gained back some weight. Not proud of it and I am having a hard time getting back on track. I really want to. I am also thinking about getting started on looking into school. And I am thinking about applying to an old job again for the holiday season… again.

So we are all doing fine. I kind of have an idea of where my blog is going now and I am excited. I wish I could keep up with it more but life calls. And so does my timer.

Stay tuned for the next session of free write.


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