10 Week Challenge

So I have some good news. I LOST 4 POUNDS. Yup I did it. I have been working out about once a week, doing parent/child swim classes twice a week and walking the mall once a week. So I have been pretty active. I went back to drinking a whole cup of water before every meal. And on top of all this my Fitness class is starting a 10 week fitness challenge. Right during Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas season. It sure is going to be a challenge. We all gave up something. Me? I gave up candy bars. Yeah I know, it is going to be hard but I can do it. I just have to tell myself that I am giving them up for a reason. And that reason is to lose weight and be fit so I can fit the close I want to wear and be comfortable wearing them.

With it being the first day we all took measurements and a benchmark test. I didn’t do to bad.


  • Calf: 16″
  • Thigh: 29″
  • Chest: 42.5″
  • Waist: 43″
  • Hips: 45.5″
  • Mid Thigh: 27.5″
  • Bicep: 14″

Fat is 35.4%

BMI is 34.7%

Benchmark Test: (All done for 2 minutes)

  • Pull Ups:24
  • Sit Ups: 45
  • Push Ups: 40
  • Air Squats: 75

I did not do so bad. My goal is to work hard so I can hopefully double those marks. Wish me luck. I struggle with the food part of fitness all the time.


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