You know it’s time to start potting training when…

Ever since my son turned a year old I have been wondering when a good time to start potting training is. My dear husband was no use cause he couldn’t remember. Both his kids are over the age of ten so it has been awhile for him. There where signs that maybe he was ready. Monster is interested in the toilet and trying to flush it (thankfully nothing foriegn… yet). He just discovered toilet paper. Also he doesn’t really like having a diaper on anymore (I for one would be glad to be rid of them, would save me about $45 a month in diapers and wipes). But all these signs weren’t really telling me anything (go figure right), so I am kind of on my own.

Well Tuesday after swim class it became very apparent that he might be ready to start potting training.

We shower up in the family room so we can enjoy ourselves. I get him out of his wet suit and I enjoy a warm shower. Our class is pretty early so I don’t feel bad taking my time cause no one else uses them till later in the morning. Anyway, I was showering when I heard Monster grunting, when I looked over at him he was splashing in the water cause I had sprayed him a little while earlier. I didn’t think anything of it cause he is always making nosies. So I went about my routine. He then started to play with the toilet paper. No big deal, I always clean up the area before we leave.

Right before I got out he came over and squated over the drain and peed. Good boy right? Well I dried off and put my hair in a towel so I could get him dressed. When I had him on the table I was still wondering what he had been doing when he was grunting. I couldn’t really see before because between the two of us was the handicapped chair. Well I got quite a surprise when I looked over.

Yup that’s right, he had squatted down and taken a poop. And to top it off (and helped make my final decision) he had tried covering it with toilet paper. It was the first time he had ever done something like. Of course I cleaned it up. But I was both grossed out and proud. So now I am going to dig out the training seat and start. Any tips are good tips and are very much appreciated. I am excited and nervous to start this stage. I was hoping to have had a place of our own before this but we have to deal with what we got. Duh Hubby did it with two girls I am pretty sure doing it with a boy won’t be to hard.

Wish me luck.


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