I Wish I had…

Everyone makes a wish at least once a day. For some it is more then that. I make at least a dozen wishes a day. These are the twelve I had today. Not in any particular order, just the ones I had.

  1. I wish I had more time in the day. This would make like so much easier. I could get a lot more done in one day. My to do list would be complete. I would get a workout in without losing day light. I would be able to play with my son without feeling guilty that I didn’t get things done for my husband. I would be able to spend more alone time with my husband. And most of all I would be able to feel like I accomplished something without feeling like I was rushed as well.
  2. I wish my husband had better days at work. My husband is a truck driver. He delivers HUGE rental equipment among other things. But the things he does at work are amazing, the people are not. He comes home unhappy so often now. It wasn’t like that when we first got together. Hopefully things get better eventually.
  3. I wish we didn’t live with my In Laws. When I first moved in the plan was to only be here for a year. Two max. But here I am, almost to the end of year two and honestly we are no closer to moving out then we were last year. And if I am going to be more totally honest then it is partly my fault. Sort of. I have a couple of bills in debt. And I am determined to figure out what is wrong with my husband so we have medical bills. With one income it is hard to get ahead of them. But I am not sure how much longer I can keep peace with the In Laws. Things they say and do just irritate me all the time. Instead of communicating they just do shit. The one they do the most is bills. A normal person would ask you if you have paid it, no they just pull the bill out of my stack of mail and put it in front. Which results in my thinking I don’t have mail. And the little things they say when it comes to my son. I strongly believe that if you are going to allow your children to live with you then you LOSE the right to spoil your grandchildren. I guess that is just me.
  4. I wish there was more space in our little area. It is hard enough to live with my In Laws, even worse when you got four people living in three rooms. Along with a dog and a cat, which really don’t take up much space.  But we are a family, and I would like to act more like it. The In Laws bitch or move our stuff if it is down stairs. And is not like it is all over the place, it is really kept in small areas. But they complain all the time. So I am having to keep a lot of it upstairs. Then they bitch when they see me carrying groceries upstairs. I don’t win.
  5. I wish my husband would defend me more. I know that sounds bad, but I back him whether or not I think he is right. If he is totally wrong then I tell him, in private. But I am still on his team. When it comes to me, well I don’t think he is. I am always wrong when it comes to his parents. He just wants to let them have their way so things will be “better”. It is not better if your wife is always on edge. I would love to just tell them what I am really thinking instead of. But until we move out I guess I will keep peace.
  6. I wish my son would sleep through the night. It just makes it easier to get better sleep. And if I could get to bed earlier then I would get more sleep. But he is always in a better mood when he sleeps through the night. He has done it a couple times but then there is always that break, and we are back at square one.
  7. I wish I had a job. Yeah I said it. I want a job. It will give me something to do outside the home. It will give us a little extra money so we can pay bills and get the hell out of here. And I might be able to save money and gets things that I want instead of always putting it off. And maybe, just maybe, it will lift a little stress off my husband.
  8. I wish I could give my husband everything he wants. I know he is unhappy living here. I can see it in his face and the way he acts. He hates it here just as much as I do. I know he wishes he had a garage so he could work on vehicles even if it is raining. And I know he wishes we had more space. If I could give him what he wants then he would have a break from stuff. When life gets to much or he needs to get away he could go four wheeling, or shooting, or go to the garage to work on his Corvette.
  9. I wish my In Laws would clean their house. They have A LOT of stuff. And they also have a lot of grey hounds. So if they would just clean their damn house then they would have more space. You wouldn’t be fighting the dogs just to get to the kitchen or bathroom. They wouldn’t fight as much, I mean the dogs, they get at each others throats all the time. Also my son would not be so afraid to walk downstairs without them running him over.
  10. I wish I had vehicles that didn’t always need to be worked on. It would be one less thing to worry about. Or stress about. And my husband would have more time to do other things. I also wouldn’t be afraid of when or where my Jeepster would just stop working. Whether in the intersection or on the free way.
  11. I wish I had a bag of chips. Like seriously I wish that on a daily basis. But I do good with not giving in to much.
  12. I wish I could just blink my eyes and my body would look the way I want it to. I wouldn’t have a pooch. My thighs would be nice and round. And I would have a flat stomach with a reminder of having a child. I know I have to work for it. But sometimes I feel like the amount of motivation I have should be enough. Then I have to remind myself that in the long run, working it off myself is going to be so much better, the pay off will be amazing.

I know it is a long list, but honestly these are the things I think of on a daily basis. I also know that most of this is just a part of life and we all go through it in our own ways. But if we are being honest then we all wish these things, with variation of course.

So what did you wish for today?


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