Week 1: Complete

Week one of my fitness class’ challenge is over. I survived a whole week without a candy bar. Really proud of myself. BUT I did not work out as much as I would have liked. This week is not going as well either, in the work out part, still going great in the no candy bar part. I feel like if I go the whole 10 weeks without a candy bar then I can go 12 weeks without chips. We normally do a 12 week challenge for the new year.

So doing good in no candy bars. Can and will do better in the workout department. Now I need to control my eating habits. They aren’t bad per-say, its just what I am eating. Like I made the mistake of going shopping hungry and ended up eating 2 donuts on the way home. Horrible I know. But tomorrow I plan on doing laps in the morning (since I got a new swim cap) and doing the Stroller Fitness class as well.

I should also be recording my steps. I record them at a slow pace. So I don’t feel guilty. And my pedometer has a calorie counter on it so I just input that.

I also need to start recording my food again. I was doing good there for awhile. I got a cool journal so now maybe I will keep up on it more. Since I don’t have a huge notebook to keep my eyes out for. This new one can fit in my bag and the diaper bag. So now I am just looking for a pen I can keep with it. Shouldn’t be hard since I have a problem in NOT collecting office supplies.

Over all I don’t feel like I am doing bad, but I don’t feel like I am doing good either. I would rather be feeling awesome. So as a recap, I need to continue doing great with not eating candy bars. I need to work out more, a lot more (not going to get rid of the fat if I don’t work out). And I need to record my food a lot better. Maybe then I can look back and see what to change and stuff.

1 Week down…. 9 Weeks to go!


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