Weeks 2 & 3: Complete

Yeah I know I didn’t report last week. Things got busy in the middle of the week. This week has been pretty slow, my only busy days are today through Friday but that is mostly in the evening. Anyway, onward with the report.

I went 2 more weeks without a candy bar. Pretty proud of myself. I also watched more of what I ate. I think I only had fast food like twice, not including tonight. But I didn’t gorge out. I worked out twice so far this week. I don’t really remember if I worked out last week.

I finally got myself a Food/Fitness Journal. I try and write in it but it is a new habit I am trying to form so it might take awhile. I am getting there and working on it.

TWO WEEKS. I have gone TWO WEEKS without a candy bar. Super proud of myself. So a total of 3 weeks. Seven more to go.

My goal for the next week is to workout more. Even if it is just a small one at home a couple times a day. Need to work on my abs area cause it is my pooch that I am mostly trying to get rid of.

November I am going to start another challenge. I am going to make sure it has squats in it cause I have found I really like them and my form is getting better and better.

Oh as a side note: I was able to do a proper toes to bar today. I was excited but also scared. When I swung backward to do another one I couldn’t slow down and I was afraid I was going to slip off. That would have been all bad. It would have been a scene out of the Americas Funniest Home Videos clip. I slip and totally knock my kid on his ass. My instructor says it is all in the core strength. SO as that gets better then I will better be able to control my swing.

As of right now things are going OK. They can always be better and I am always striving for that. And I will continue to strive for it.

So… I have gone another 2 weeks without a candy bar. I want to workout more. I need to continue to maintain what I am eating. One thing at a time. Eventually I will get this all down and it will be a pleasant journey and I will see results. For now though, I keep on keeping on.


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